Dogs mess is not from the locals

Two weeks ago there was a letter regarding dogs mess at Winchelsea Beach and blaming the residents. 99% of the residents who have dogs treat the local area in a responsible manner and clear up afterwards.

The problem is visitors such as caravan site holiday makers and people who live outside the area but bring their dogs down and think that they can let their dogs do as they want.

Also we have recently seen an influx of dog walkers (parking fees elsewhere?) who bring 3 or 4 dogs and walk in front oblivious to what their dogs are doing!

Until Rother District Council, police or parish council get there act together then nothing will change.

We need a noticeable presence such as a dog warden or a PCSO who can give out fines and be a deterrent to dog owners who feel that Winchelsea beach is their dog’s toilet.

We have a dog and always carry extra poo bags to supply other dog owners who apparently have forgotten theirs!

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