Dogs need to be kept off pitch

Your correspondent, B. Martin, is querying who has put, and why, additional fencing around our football pitch at The Salts. I feel this dog-owner should have put the “Why?” first.

I’ve been a supporter, a committee member, and an Officer of Rye United Football Club since 1992, and when I was attracted to go there frequently by the high standards the club maintained, I was at first puzzled by seeing every time before the match a couple of members walking the whole field carefully searching, and occasionally bending to remove something from the grass. Yes, dog’s mess !!

That necessary task has gone on ever since, and I’m told the problem nowadays is often worse than ever presumably there are now even more ‘couldn’t-care-less’ owners of dogs.

So does that explain the club’s latest effort to try to keep dogs out of the playing area (yes, even your so-called intelligent one)? We hope also it will discourage the rabbits from digging into the pitch near the river end. Appeals over the years to our so-called landowner, Rother District Council, to make their fencing rabbit-proof along the edge of the railway land ( where the rabbits live ), have, of course, been totally ignored.

I presume the person complaining is of Rye, so why can’t this dog be taken for exercise out onto the spacious Marsh and/or the many fields around our lovely town? Oh, Sorry! That might be more dangerous than our new wire, as with all those fearsome sheep that our farmers leave out there, your intelligent animal could be in great danger of life-threatening attack from those aggressive sheep’s terrible teeth and claws. We’ve all seen the frequent reports of these attacks being allowed to happen – haven’t we? Or is it possible that all dog-owners ignore those reports?

Alan Bolden

Jarretts Close, Rye