Don’t be swayed by propaganda over Brexit

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

‘Project Fear - Part Two (The Sequel)’ has arrived! It’ll be more boring and contrived than the original!

Unlike plebiscites in one party states, we live in a democracy which tolerates minority “don’t knows” (genuinely uncertain, sitters on fences and the apathetic) yet, while the 2016 EU referendum had a record, decisive 72 per cent turnout, R S Clymo questions the validity of our referenda and elections (24/8/18).

For stable government, should we respect the will of the majority who expressed an opinion, or maintain an uncertain, unsatisfactory status quo at the whim of those who lost, don’t know or don’t care as in the unworkable, unstable PR coalition governments commonplace in the EU-27?

By all means hold a further run-off to attain a minimum 51 per cent result... but that was unnecessary in both the 1975 and 2016 EU referenda.

By all means hold regular “we’ve changed our mind referenda”, but Remoaners won’t allow a third - unless we ‘get it wrong’!

This EU referendum is a mess because we collectively elect whippable party-political politicians made worse by Blair, Clegg and Cameron never allowing Britain to leave the EU – as remains the case – so there was intentionally no public debate on the seven viable options open to Britain prior to Cameron’s ultimatum: “accept my reformed/renegotiated terms of remaining in the EEC/EU indefinitely... or leave”.

That was not how the ballot was worded, nor the official campaigns run... but what can we expect from politicians and anti-Brexit BBC, CBI, IMF... propagandists!

Both official campaigns ‘lied’ – that’s politics and why the ASA cannot intervene – and I implore people to do their own homework and not be swayed by propaganda.