Don’t knock Adam

Dear Rye and Battle Observer

It was clear from last week’s Rye Observer that Cllr Keith Glazier is angry about quite a lot of things (angry at being accused of giving away community assets to Rother - the website - and angry with Rye Town Council’s opposition to the Tesco/Sainsbury plans) but he really did not need to “have a go” at the recently elected Rye Town Councillor Adam Smith.

Mr Smith has impressed many of us with his hard work and diligent research and as the new chair of the Rye Town Council Planning Committee. He has recently decided to commit himself to serve the community of Rye by playing an active part on the Town Council and he deserves our support and encouragement and a veteran councillor like Keith Glazier should be the first to acknowledge this.

For many years now the Conservative group has dominated both Rother District Council and East Sussex County Council. Conservative candidates in this area are virtually guaranteed election and some of them have been elected many times without opposition. They are the big kid on the block in local politics and sometimes they can behave like the playground bully when someone who is not a member of their gang tries make themselves heard.

Our local councillors such as Councillors Glazier, Ramus and Osborne and more recently Lord Ampthill have served their community well for many years and we have much to thank them for. Such a dominant political group can afford to be generous to others who put themselves forward to serve their community but happen not to share their political allegiance.

Yours sincerely, Christopher Strangeways, Iden.