Don’t leave safety until too late

We were disappointed to read about East Sussex County Councils attitude to road safety at Catsfield School, as it brought back horrendous memories.

On the afternoon of 5th July 1995, I was crossing the road in front of the school, with our son Thomas, whilst lollipop lady, Heather Verralls, was standing in the road. A car from Crowhurst direction approached the school too fast, hitting Thomas, throwing him into the air, and leaving him unconscious in the road. We were rushed by ambulance to the Conquest hospital for treatment, and discharged the next day. Thomas suffered concussion and heavy bruising. Fortunately he made a good recovery from his dreadful ordeal, for which we are incredibly grateful, as it could have been so much worse. Trauma and flashbacks from this accident affected our family for a long time.

We subsequently campaigned for improved road safety at the school, and also a pedestrian crossing on the B2204 main road through the village. New speed limit signs were soon installed, followed by flashing warning lights, in the approach to the school.

However the B2204 remained a very dangerous road, which the children all had to cross to reach the playing fields. ESCC advised in October 1995 that they could not assist in providing a crossing as too few pedestrians crossed the road.

In January 2003 a Catsfield lady was killed crossing this road, subsequently a pedestrian crossing was installed in 2005.

East Sussex County Council need to review this issue urgently – we would hate to hear of another family suffering the same ordeal as we did, or even worse.

It is not acceptable to postpone any action until someone has been killed.

Hilary & Don Gray

by e-mail