Don’t let club be squeezed out

Rye Squash players must get together and stop Rye College taking Rye’s only public squash court for a dance studio which they have already next to the present squash court, the college has joint use of the squash court now but never use it because its always to cold, the college has just had a new dance/drama building built on site so why let them have our only public squash court as the other squash court in Rye is private and costs around £400 a year?

By all means have it shared as it now and just have some heating installed but don’t lose it for ever. The local postmen use it every week along with myself twice a week along with visitors to the town and the karate club use it, don’t allow what’s happened to the Rye bowls green, which was built for public use but now - unless you are a member - it’s impossible to get a game.

Rother District Council encourages people to keep fit so they must intervene to stop the college grabbing our only public squash court in Rye.

Joint use is the solution which would be acceptable and Freedom Leisure the caretakers of the site if they were to keep the court up to standard with decor it might get used more.

Stewart Doyle

by email