Double yellows for Battle High Street

I WAS unsurprised at the response of R C Bumstead, referring to my letter of the previous week relating to a near miss accident in Battle High Street involving a young child.

If the writer is suggesting that Battle High Street is so dangerous that children need to be on reins - I rest my case.

A parent can hold a child’s hand and believe the child is safe, but children are children.

I note the writer comes from Hawkhurst. Undoubtedly drove into Battle. It also begs the question ‘Where did the writer park, High Street?’

My message to the council is this. Double yellow line the High Street.

Not only will it be safer for pedestrians and young children, it will prevent the continuous traffic jams.

And from a commercial point of view, more revenue from the pay and display car parks.

Ivor Llewellyn-Jones