Dr Keith Taylor was ‘warrior to the end’

Many people in Rye (indeed all over the world) will feel they have lost a close, warm and wise friend, a perpetual source of inspiration and humour, a man of deep principle and passionate belief who ignored age and any infirmity to spare nothing in the pursuit of his ideals and aspirations.

As indeed he spared nothing in his dedication to medical research in the particular field of diabetes where he has contributed and continued to contribute so much thought and discovery - also the fruit of endless hard work and determination. He completed his final research publication in the week before he died.

We knew each other for only a few years, yet I count him among my most treasured friends and one I will miss grievously. He led me (gently) into battle over the future of our town, as he led many others; and his opinions, both passionate and dispassionate, were always the yardstick against which we measured and will continue to measure our own intentions.

He had knowledge, experience, a great intellect and above all, that compassion and understanding so particular to the great practitioners of medicine.

I only hope we can honour him here with our continued pursuit of democracy in Rye and our condemnation of what he considered most pernicious - injustice, arrogance, the irrational and the corrupt.

Keith was a warrior to the end.

John Howlett

Acting Chair of the Campaign for a Democratic Rye.