Drivers are dangerous - not roads

It is reported in the Rye Observer that another motorist has been killed on the A21, this time at Whatlington.

It is stated that ‘a new report named the stretch of the A21 between Hurst Green and Hastings as one of the dangerous roads in the country’. How can an inanimate object such as a road be ‘dangerous’? Does it travel as speeds in excess of the legal limit? Does it travel at speeds such that it is unable to safely negotiate the bends? Does it travel too fast for the prevailing weather conditions?

Does it travel too close to the car in front that it is unable to stop without hitting it? Does it use a mobile phone, read a map, drink a can of coca cola or put on makeup while driving? I thought it was only drivers that did these things, not a road. Surely, we should stop saying roads are dangerous and say that drivers are dangerous because of the way they choose to drive. When I drive, I do not think of a road as dangerous. I’m very aware that I’m dangerous hauling a ton of metal around at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour.

Denis Langley, Chitcombe Road, Broad Oak.