E F Benson’s summer house

Steve Pemberton, author of the new “Mapp and Lucia” script, has not been sitting exactly where E.F. Benson wrote Mapp and Lucia.

Benson’s writing room was a summer house in the Secret Garden, which was sold off years ago and is now part of the garden of a house in Mermaid Street.

The summer house is still there.

For residents of Rye’s Citadel the filming has been interesting if occasionally disruptive, but it was very odd to return, early one morning, from collecting the newspapers, and find Church Square lightly dusted with snow.

In the middle of June. It was even going yellow in places like real snow (it’s made of shredded paper) but a rain shower turned it to pulp and made it a devil to sweep away!

Dr Andrew Bamji

Norman House, Rye