Empty sites now way of life

Has anyone stopped to think how long the Central Garage site has been empty? - Well it’s 52 years. It burnt down in 1960.

The reason for the attention Ferry Road is getting is that around three quarters of the population live at that end of town and walk past each day, unlike the houses in Fishmarket Road, where no-one walks by.

That has been allowed to remain an eyesore, and in a state of dereliction, for the past millennia.

So we have Ferry Road, a relatively new boarded up site, and until it exceeds the other aforementioned sites, don’t keep banging on about it.

But wait - what do we see coming up? - the garage and Grist Mill in Winchelsea Road.

Empty properties and boarded up sites seem to be the way of life.

Mrs S Pawsey,

Udimore Road, Rye.