End of fish discards is not the issue

Our under ten metre fishing fleets in Hastings and Rye are right to say that ending discards is not the real issue for sustainable community fishing.

Having spoken to a number of our local fishermen, it is clear that Amber Rudd’s claims that her government have solved our fishing fleet’s woes are either entirely disingenuous or show a complete lack of understanding.

Ending discards of dead fish, whilst a positive step forward, will not change the amount or quota of fish that our local fishing fleets can actually catch.

It is also wrong to say that these decisions are taken in Brussels. The divvying up of fishing quotas rests solely with the UK government and this is where the change needs to take place.

More of the fishing quota needs to be allocated directly to our smaller fishing fleets rather than the large fishing industry before anyone claims credit for guaranteeing a future for fishing in Hastings and Rye.

Our fishing community deserves better than this and deserves more than a quota that allows them to catch only half a cod a day. “

Sarah Owen

Hastings and Rye Labour Parliamentary Candidate.