Enforcers take no parking prisoners

I note in last week’s paper the proposal to hand over on street parking management from the Police to Rother District Council.

I can only assumed that any penalties will end up in their coffers and they will apply the same draconian enforcement rules similar to RDC’s car parks.

As a permit holder for a car park in Rye I have experienced nothing but complete intransigence from any minor breaking of the rules.

Some examples that my neighbours and myself have experienced that have incurred a full fixed penalty - a yearly permit a day out of date, failing to alter the registration number on my permit having changed my car, permit not visible (slip off the dashboard) even though the car was registered with RDC etc.

A grovelling appeal sometimes works but still costs a £10 ‘administration’ fee.

This proposal, I would imagine, will be welcome news to Rother District Council as it is opportunity to apply the most stringent rules against motorists and boost their dwindling funds.

Steve Blattman

Udimore Road, Rye