Ensure parking revenue is not stealth tax

I note that Battle Town Council and Battle Chamber of Commerce are getting together with their opposite numbers in Rye to fight against RDC’s “grossly unfair “ car parking charges in our towns.

May I suggest these bodies also ensure Rother are not using these charges and fines as a stealth tax to fill their cash strapped coffers?

The 1984 Road Traffic Regulation Act says local authorities cannot distribute any of the “profits” they collect from parking charges to subsidize other services they provide. Instead these car parking charges are only supposed to be levied to help ease traffic congestion or deal with road safety issues.

I did ask a District Councillor to take this up with the Leader of Rother Council and his reply I am told was “We are not a London Borough”. What that has to do with the matter fails me.

J. E. Goldsworthy (Mrs)

Glengorse, Battle