EU economy is in a mess but we are doing ok

Your letters to the newspaper
Your letters to the newspaper

From: Barry M Jones, Bixley Lane, Beckley

This paper’s balanced ‘Countdown to Brexit’ report (16/2/19) should have made clear the ‘Erasmus’ programme has always been open to non-EU members – it includes Morocco, Syria, Russia. Its origins are in the Council of Europe, in which Britain will remain.

Having exhausted his Lib-Dem anti-Brexit book of propaganda, Stephen Hardy resorts to cherry-picking out-of-date Internet sensationalism and misinformation by the anti-Brexit BBC (and Economist).

In stark contrast to Stephen’s prophecies of doom, The Daily Telegraph and other serious business papers report the inconvenient truth that Germany has been enjoying zero growth (0.002 per cent), Italy is in its third recession; Britain’s GDP has matched or beaten the Eurozone’s 0.2 per cent; we’re the third fastest growing EU economy and, year on year, have grown 1.3 per cent compared to Germany (0.6 per cent) while Eurozone growth forecasts have been cut by half.

All economies wobble, but the EU, its stagnant Eurozone and economic power-house, Germany, are in a real mess – one mess in which Stephen demands we stay in perpetuity... to bail out (again). I think not!

Roll on Brexit... politicians permitting!