EU: In or out, but nothing in between

IT IS a great pity that Mr Greg Barker did not vote in favour of the referendum motion, but politics is tribal and it is a brave man who goes against his tribe even for the greater good.

He knows how the majority of people in this country want a referendum, and some of them may even want to stay in the EU, but we all want a say in the matter. It’s called “Democracy”.

I myself voted for the Common Market all those years ago, but it was stated quite clearly that it was just about free trade, and we wouldn’t lose any sovereignty.

Free trade had to be a good thing, didn’t it, but I had no idea what a monstrous organisation it would turn into.

At the time I was a paid-up member of the Conservative Party, but I gradually realised what was happening in this country and the Conservatives weren’t going to do anything about it, so I left and joined UKIP.

There is so much being written and spoken about the awful things that will happen to us if we leave the EU, and it is all nonsense.

We are told that the EU will no longer trade with us and erect tariffs against us, but stop and think about it.

We buy far more from the EU than they buy from us, so are they going to stop selling us their wine, cars, etc?

Think about all the extra trade with the rest of the world we will get when we get rid of all the directives and laws that the EU are pushing onto us and we become more competitive.

At a time when this country is trying to get our national finances in some sort of reasonable state and we are all feeling the pinch because of it, we are giving the EU £45million every day. Forty five million pounds every day!

Say it quickly and it doesn’t hurt, but we are borrowing money to pay for the EU!

The last lie coming from our political elite that I would like to mention, is that we should “renegotiate” our membership. Can’t be done!

The “Acqui Communautaire” says that once a national power has been given to the EU it cannot be returned to that country.

A referendum has got to be In or Out; there is nothing in between.

Tom Foy

Claverham Way