EU negotiations done by lawyers

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Terry Milford, Netherfield Road, Battle

I have no connection with, and little time for, the Lib Dems but the attack on them and Stephen Hardy by my old friend Barry M Jones (letters, 18 August) is so full of nonsense that it cannot be let pass without comment.

There is no reason why one should not, having lost a vote, respect that result but continue to campaign to change people’s minds. That is democracy.

Trade treaties, like all treaties, are always written by lawyers.

That is because they are laws and so constructed by people who are trained in and understand the law.

The clue is in the name.

The current Brexit negotiations are being conducted by lawyers, not the political figureheads.

Far from being constrained by the EU, Ireland would appear to be revelling in its membership, picking up many of the service businesses fleeing the UK in order to remain within the EU.

There has never been a customs agreement settled “by gentlemen over a pint”, let alone this being the way it is “ordinarily” done.

They are laws, drawn up by those pesky lawyers.

Apparently, there is a conspiracy between the CBI, IMF, OECD, LSE, BBC and The Economist to falsify predictions of Brexit doom.

It must be a first for 
these widely diverse organisations to agree so completely and yet we should ignore these august bodies in favour of some vague and unspecified businessmen and journals who are complacently, head in the sand, happy with the (lack of) progress of Brexit.

Tell that to the businessmen owners and employees of the now defunct Southern Salads in Tonbridge.

Even their (Tory) MP agrees that they are a victim of Brexit.

What a strange world Mr Jones inhabits.