European expenses and allowances secret

I am shocked, though not surprised, that those who we elected to represent us in the European Union Parliament, the MEPs, are refusing to tell us what they have spent £185m on, under the heading of “Allowances and Expenses”. Even the EU’s chief internal auditor, Robert Galvin, backed up by EU judges, has ruled that their receipts must be published. No, the MEPs are adamant that they won’t tell us.

Whether it be the Westminster Parliament or the EU it seems that lessons are not being learned. MEPs represent us, their electorate, and yet they cavalierly refuse to tell us how they are spending our money! (see Galvin Report 06/02)

Furthermore, despite our austerity measures, these “oh-so-mighty” MEPs have voted overwhelmingly for a 5% rise in the EU budget which will mean us having to pay an extra £5.2bn to the EU monster between 2014 and 2020. I am also not surprised that several Labour and LibDem MEPs voted for the new taxes; who’s side are they on?

I suppose that there is not much that we can do until the next EU elections when we have the opportunity to kick out these despots. Meanwhile I wish I could speak to every Croatian and tell them about what they are thinking of joining; Croatia is the 28th nation that has applied to join the EU and the EU Commission is ready to envelope their tentacles around this beautiful, independent paradise. I respectfully advise all Croatians to ‘stay out of the kitchen if you don’t want to be burnt’.

Tony Smith

Ashburnham, Battle