Every pot hole has a silver lining

You kindly published my letter on the potholes within the country roads around Catsfield and whereas some repairs have been undertaken, the condition of the roads has deteriorated so the claims for damaged cars must now be at an all time high. However I have noticed a bonus, in that drivers are becoming more aware of the potholes and are driving much slower and are more courteous along our country lanes, which is a very welcome trend. Therefore I suggest that the Highway Authority take note and act positively, so that instead of hopping around filling in the holes, they leave them alone, but put up notices warning drivers of the hazards “SLOW DOWN UNEVEN SURFACES 10MPH“ on all the bad areas. This will save a lot of money in temporary repairs which can be saved up and when they have enough money, then the whole length can then be resurfaced. It will also slow down the traffic to the benefit of all, as if the hairy fast drivers suffer burst tyres etc, their claims can be refused as County can say “we told you the road was bad, hard luck “.

It seems to me to be a win win situation.

David Foster

Henley Down Farm, Catsfield