Everyone should be able to set up shop

Very well said Mr Kennard in your recent letter to Rye Obs. Re: some local elected Councillors being more concerned at constant nit-picking, criticising entrepreneurs, who dare set up businesses in Rye, but are not regarded as “local“, so do not have a right too? Of course local businesses should always be encouraged and helped, but so too should ‘ outsiders’ if they have the initiatives/new ideas too. Especially, if they bring business to Rye. So for those Councillors who always seem more concerned and forever moaning about such issues, (always the same names printed in the Rye Obs). Perhaps they should think of either changing their old-fashioned attitude towards outsiders, or resign from their privileged posts? Since moving to Rye in 2007 and due to personal reasons, where I had to contact local councillors and attend the Rye Open Town Council meetings twice. Each time, at the Open Rye Town Council meeting, I was very disappointed by what I heard, and the unprofessional and totally personal criticism I witnessed, being a waste of my valuable time. So, decided that such people were not worth my efforts, as (it felt), “I was not one of them” EG: I am not a land-owner, do not live in a big £250,000+ house, or speak with a so-called clipped/privately educated accent”. Equaling too many elected people who all seem to come from the same status and backgrounds, and all of similar age (over 65)? Coming originally from London, where we/you are accepted for what you are or can offer and NOT FOR WHAT YOU HAVE OR YOUR accent/background. I find very negative, out-of-date and counterproductive, as to get things done in any org, company, charity, and politics, you DO need people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to achieve good overall representation for everyone. EG: not just for chums! So all you councillors out there in this area and others, if you are too stuck in your ways and want to keep things the same, you really should be made to resign and let some new fresh blood in, even outsiders with good ideas to benefit Rye and surrounding areas such as:

All elected councillors/MPs (if able to), being made to regularly walk around their wards/areas, where as Mr Kennard stated, they will note and report just how bad some local footpaths and roads are, which local people who do not drive, have to use. Such as:

Up and down Rye Cemetery steps, and the footpath leading out to the Queen Adelaide Pub, where all the tarmac surfaces are deeply cracked and un-even.

Then walk along the footpath form Rye Harbour to Winchelsea Beach, which really needs to be made into a proper cycling and divided walking area, as very dangerous when encountering some selfish angry cyclists, who take over and seem to think this area is only for their use, when in fact they are not even supposed to be cycling there? EG: whoever is in charge, not realizing or bothering to note that leisure pursuits change, and cycling is now very popular in such places. Hastings, and St.Leonards, have divided safer walking & cycling paths along their sea fronts.

Then carry on walking along the top of Winchelsea Beach towards Pett Level, which now really needs to be made into a proper safe, flatter walking area, for everyone, including people who use wheelchairs and disability aids, who want and need to get out in the fresh sea air, like everyone else.

Note that apart from just one pedestrian crossing in Rye (down by the Salts)? All the other crossings are not pedestrianised, making it very dangerous to cross, especially for people affected by sight loss/disability, or just can not walk very quickly.

Join your local Ramblers Group, where you will be shown foot styes and footpaths which are overgrown and/or not maintained properly making them very dangerous for walkers. (Look in the fixtures booklet or Rye Observer for local Rye Rambers and National Trust walks to see/note for yourselves).

All councillors should be made to do what they are supposed to be doing, looking after Rye and their local areas, helping to make it a safer, more accessible and attractive place to live for everyone, (not just the tourist hot spots of Rye High street etc). Instead of using your time just to have a go at non-local people who have the drive and initiative to do something!