Failed by the system

Congratulations to Amber Rudd for her re-election as our MP and I recognise she has worked very hard to achieve this.

I would remind her though that less than a quarter of the electorate voted Conservative nationwide.

UKIP and the Greens (an unlikely pairing, I know) achieved more than five million votes between them, yet are represented by a mere two MPs.

Using this ratio, the Conservatives ought to have at best just five MPs and the SNP one.

Not since the days of rotten boroughs have we seen such discrepancy of representation.

I counted all the election leaflets and letters posted through our door.

There was one from the Greens, three from the LibDems and UKIP, eight from Labour and a staggering sixteen from the Conservatives.

Clearly the wealthy elite and big businesses who support the ruling party so heavily are rejoicing that they once again will not have to pay their fair share towards society.

Meanwhile David Cameron, under the illusion of a democratically bestowed mandate, is sharpening the knives that will cut back our welfare system, hitting the most vulnerable and disenfranchised hardest.

I don’t speak on behalf of the three quarters of the silenced majority, but our political system has certainly failed me.

I urge all local people who care about this or think the same to press for electoral reform.

It is now needed more than ever.

Dominic Manning

Love Lane