Fairer deal for South East roads and rail

It was a most encouraging read in last week’s edition of the Observer, that our MP Amber Rudd is reporting real progress on such a critical issue as pressing for new infrastructure investment in East Sussex. This is most welcome news, and it is to be hoped that the new County Council administration is also aiming to press the case even harder.

How often do we have to make the comparison between these short changed southern communities and those in the Midlands, North West and North East, all of whom are seeking the same goal? And yet we have not been winning a reasonable share. Can this be about to change? Whether you like the construction of the high speed railway HS2 or not, that major scheme, if put off by Government, could be the very trigger needed to start a revolution in UK infrastructure investment.

It is critically important that it does, not only for those currently distressed by unemployment or other deprivations, but also longer term as the whole of the South East economy – the Powerhouse of the Nation – must be confident of a secure and stable platform to expand its business and take us out of this over-long period of recession.

Having also read Anne Ainsley’s calmly-authoritative letter of last week, supporting the overwhelming evidence that the conclusive battle of King Harold v Duke William was actually fought where so many consider it to have been, perhaps we can at last see sanity return to the Bexhill Link Road construction. There have been just too many costly diversions. The story of protest has provided drama-filled headlines – but now please can we encourage the contractor to get the job done, quickly and efficiently, to provide the maximum benefits? Too much taxpayers money has already been spent on the black hole of the protest movement.

Let us also turn our demand to getting better roads and railways to serve all our interests, to cut death, accident and congestion costs on inadequate roads in the County. Amber Rudd has it absolutely right if we are to improve our abilities to earn and help the local economy to expand. And our part in that is to impress our MPs and Councillors with our support.

Richard Tilden Smith