False impression of commuters’ experience on rail buses

I feel that I must write to take issue with your article “Little luxury for Rye’s rail users” (Rye Observer Friday 27 January).

I am disappointed that Mr Hemsley only printed the views of a handful of commuters on one service and did not balance his article by approaching other users of the replacement coach services. Therefore his article only served as a sweeping generalised statement on the conditions and gave an false impression to your readers.

I have a business in Rye and travel up to 6 days a week at varying times, using the train, from my home in Eastbourne. During the four weeks that the rail replacement service has been in operation, I have yet to encounter any problems.

The bus timetable is very efficient, the coaches are all comfortable and clean and the drivers polite and courteous. Whilst it is an inconvenience that my journey time is extended by up to an hour each day and I can sympathise with the commuters’ discomfort on the service featured, I do not think that the overall “slamming” of the operation was entirely deserved.

As a Rye business owner, I know how difficult things are at the moment and we certainly don’t want to deter people from coming here.

I would like to give credit to Southern Rail and also ask the Rye Observer to, in the future, address the balance in articles and not “sensationalise” negative stories as they can potentially have a damaging effect which could be felt outside of the area. Thank you.

Paulene Ashmore

Cinque Ports Street, Rye