Fantastic store to have in town

Rye and Battle Observer letters
Rye and Battle Observer letters

From: Johnnie Elliott, Caldbec Hill, Battle

You have a lovely Store in Battle, called Jempsons.

The shelves are always full with high-quality foods. In particular, I think, the white bread is out of this world. It is always so fresh and tasty.

I never get bored with it. The trouble is, you must not eat to much of it. I love it with marmalade in the morning or jam, and a cup of tea.

It also makes great sandwiches as well.

The store has been turned around. As the sign says, ‘a local store for local people’.

It is so handy, having a great store in the town. The Post Office is also in the store – what a great idea.

It reminds me of being in Australia, they have a similar set-up there as well. If I remember rightly, they may have banks like that as well.

Many thanks to all the staff who provide an excellent service.

Jempsons, a great store to have in Battle.