Fantastic week of news for Museum

WHAT a fantastic week of positive news for Bexhill Museum and indeed for our town.

Firstly, on behalf of my fellow directors/trustees and all members of the Society of Bexhill Museums Ltd. I would like to congratulate our Honorary President, Megan Traice on her award of the MBE.

In 1983 her hard work and renowned persistence plus the help of a dedicated team of volunteers saved Bexhill Museum from permanent closure.

She continued to be involved with museum affairs through the Bexhill Museum Association and in 2003, on the formation of the Society, was appointed a director/trustee, remaining in that position until 2006 when she accepted her present role.

Secondly, comes the worldwide news that our museum now has on display a fossil vertebrae from the world’s smallest maniraptoran dinosaur found to date.

A new species discovered in Bexhill by collector David Brockhurst.

David, a keen supporter of the museum for many years, donates all of his finds to us.

Many of these, including this latest much-publicised discovery, are currently on display in the Sargent Gallery.

As a charity the Society relies heavily on such support from the public to maintain our museum - the majority of this support deriving from entrance fees, shop sales and of course volunteers.

So please come along, not only to view the remains of the world’s smallest dinosaur but many other wonderful and unique exhibits, such as the world’s fastest electric powered car in its class - built in Bexhill; a dress worn by Queen Victoria and the architect’s scale model of the De La Warr Pavilion.



Society of Bexhill, Museums Ltd