Fed up with traders getting a better deal

I CAN only imagine that the Working Group for car parks, set up by Rother District Council, must be satisfied with coming up with a totally unfair, inequitable pricing structure for car park charges for this year. Once again local residents are slammed with another massive rise for their permits rising from £260 to £300 a year for one car – a 14 per cent increase.

Is it any wonder that locals choose to park on the street? How does that equate to inflation?

Of course Gibbet Marsh car park has to be where the Working Group have really excelled in their decision making in recommending an increase of £3.50 to £4.50 for all day parking based on the need to get more tourists to use the car park.

Yes, a 30 per cent increase should have them queuing to get into the car park.

It’s also good to know that their recommendation to offer discounted parking permits at £250 for Gibbet Marsh to local business was endorsed by Rye Town Council. Why should businesses and their employees get a discount over residents?

Yes, like other residents, I’m fed up. Fed up with increases that bare no relation to any other product service in the private sector that fall in line with inflation and fed up that I am paying another 30 per cent more than some local privilege businesses and their employees.

Steve Blattman

Udimore Road, Rye