Feeling short-changed after shopping trip

The headline ‘Rye Conman’ in the Observer caught my attention as I had just avoided being fleeced - a much smaller amount I admit but one most of your readers must at one time have been caught with.

I had just been shopping at Jempson’s Peasmarsh store. The total bill being under £35, there being three special offers among the 22 contents of my basket that I was aware of picking up. The first attempt at giving me a bill had only one of the offers showing. I pointed this out and help was called to the till.

On the spot the deductions were made and I paid, no apologies made apart from trying to tell me it was the till that made the mistake, it can’t defend itself so I pointed out it had to be given the information.

In Jempson’s there is more than one till. If all were in use any other customers making the same purchase would have been short changed as I was, the total amount of my savings were £5.53. This was just three items what would happen if one was to do one’s weekly shop there throughout the year?

Judy Spencer

Rye Harbour.