Festivities began at four o’clock

Apologies are due to two shops in particular in Rye for a serious case of misreporting in last week’s Rye Observer. It is true that for a combination of reasons this year’s Christmas events on both December 7 and December 14 lacked the magic of previous years; one hopes lessons have been learned so that the town’s prestige as a place to visit at Christmas is restored in 2014. But there were establishments which, from the announced time of 4 p.m. did provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere complete with (free) mulled wine and mince pies. The most notable of these in the central area, quite contrary to the paper’s report, were Concepts and Forget-Me-Not, along with the Tourist Information Centre. The atmosphere in Concepts was exceptionally festive with plenty of interesting and beautifully presented Christmasy items to see while enjoying the refreshments and the company, while Forget-Me-Not offered its treats for all who passed by the front of the church. I write as one who was able to take appreciative visitors to the three places mentioned.

With all good wishes for the Christmas Season and the New Year.

Jean Floyd

by email