Free Health Checks till March

Many of us will have pledged to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2015, why not take the first step by taking a free Health Check at a Tesco pharmacy.

As one of the first activities of a new pioneering partnership between Tesco, Diabetes UK and The British Heart Foundation – Tesco pharmacies across the country are offering free health checks to the first 40,000 people.

Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are conditions which affect millions of people across the UK every day and while they can be serious and life-threatening, the good news is they are also largely preventable, by making healthy choices and particularly through losing excess weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

The Health Check takes about 30 minutes and involves measuring your weight and waist measurement as well as checking your BMI (body mass index), blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

Don’t leave your health to chance, book a Health Check appointment at any Tesco Pharmacy before 9 March. For more details and to find your nearest store visit

Jenna Hall

Programme Director of the National Charity Partnership