Frustration over village project plans

RE - YOUR recent article in the Battle Observer on Friday November 18, ‘Volley of complaints follow parish meeting’.

I was one of the public who attended that meeting and wrote a complaint to the planning department at Rother District Council as to the way the parish council conducted itself in respect of the application for changing rooms on Westfield Down. As you state in your article ‘The Westfield Down Project intends to provide substantial community recreational facilities’.

This is true and most of the inhabitants of the parish are aware of this, however what a large number are becoming aware of is that in fact about two thirds of the recreational area will be for football only and that if the project proceeds in it’s current format we could see a football complex with a mini stadium, fenced, floodlit and a grandstand with 100 - 200 seats.

A development that seems disproportionate to the size of the village. A mini survey was carried out about a year ago by a very concerned group in the village which returned a 90 per cent NO to the project.

As a result the parish council were asked publicly to consider a further public consultation.

They refused and any objections relating to planning applications seem to be ignored also. There are in total a little less than 3000 inhabitants in our village and there is a feeling of frustration in the village that the majority are not being heard.

Steven Glover