Game, set and match for tennis plan?

OVER the past five years I have endeavoured to bring the pleasure of tennis to Battle by starting Battle for Tennis.

I invested in equipment (nets, rackets, balls, etc) which has enabled children and their families to enjoy mini-tennis at the recreation ground free of charge.

The older generation has not missed out and a local U3A mini-tennis group was formed and meet twice a month at the Memorial Hall in winter and at the recreation ground in summer.

Battle Town Council have been very supportive of my efforts and have this year resurfaced the two tennis courts and had four mini-tennis courts marked out on the Multi Use Games Area. We now have an enthusiastic tennis coach in Nick Montague.

My main drive now is to get a tennis practice fence installed as part of the tennis court fencing.

This rebound fence will enable anyone to practice to improve their game especially the youngsters who are having coaching. I am at present seeking funding for this.

I am extremely grateful for the encouragement and donations I have so far received but as it is proving difficult to raise the £6000 needed in today’s financial climate, I feel that I must give myself a time limit and if I have been unable to succeed in my endeavours by March 31 2013 I shall return the donations I have so far received to those who so kindly gave them.

Tony Perkins

Caldbec Hill