Garden waste charge a crazy idea

I SEE in Andy Hemsley’s report in last Friday’s Observer (June 15), that Rother District Council propose to charge residents £25 per annum for garden waste collection.

What a crazy idea! And for the following main reasons:

(1) Most residents with gardens already pay though their Community Tax for that privilege, and for the fortnightly removal of any green waste.

(2) The green waste collected is converted into compost which is then sold back to gardeners (at a profit).

(3) Most residents with gardens tend them well (at no little expense to themselves), which helps to make the area around look more attractive.

(4) There are many services we all pay for through the Community Tax, whether we require them, or not (hence its name), so why single out gardeners for this extra tax?

With crafty ideas like this, before you can say ‘household rubbish’ RDC will be charging to collect that as well!

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle