‘Gateway’ display ought to be free

My wife and I read with interest in your paper about the exhibition of the Gateway to Link Road plans on display at the Bexhill Museum, so when we were in Bexhill over the weekend we thought we should see what is afoot. Unfortunately we were told by the attendants at the museum that to see the exhibit we would have to pay the normal entry fee even though we assured them that is all we wanted to see, having visited the museum in the past and had no wish to see it again.

Based on the inaccuracy of information on cost, design and timing of such works in the past we decided to keep our money and just wait and see what does actually happen. So much for attracting public interest and support for projects paid for with our taxes.

Was this someone’s bright idea of attracting visitors to the museum who would not normally think of doing so?

Peter Venn

Lower Lake, Battle