Get your facts right over Memorial

AS WITH most remarks made by Mr Regan in last week’s Observer, and also any remarks he has made at British Legion meetings, I find it difficult to understand what he is trying to say.

He states that in the spirit of the RBL he couldn’t name the person he banned. Why then, was this person’s name put on a prominent notice in the Memorial Hall.

Mr Emeleus’s statement that “the RBL departure from the Memorial Hall was regretted by all” was a fair comment.

The only reason for their departure being due to the fact that they were not prepared to enter into a renewal of their existing lease under the same terms and rental as before.

Get your facts right Mr Regan. Interest in the Langton House site by Battle Rotarians in 1958 encouraged Rotarian Mr R D Shephard to purchase the property with the object of giving the people of Battle the opportunity to decide if they wished to take over the whole, or part of the premises for a Memorial Hall.

In the event, the Trustees purchased part of the site on which the hall has since been built.

The “unveiling and opening ceremony” took place on 22nd April 1960 attended by the Marquess of Exeter who unveiled the Memorial Plaque which I believe was arranged and donated by Mr R G Stainton, chairman of the original War Memorial Appeals committee. So, Mr Regan, this shall remain where it is!

How unfortunate that with all your misinformed knowledge of the Memorial Hall you put RBL and Hall Management at loggerheads.

Dennis Campbell