Getting the job done

It is very sad to see that the leader of East Sussex County Council can not see the difference between politics and getting a job done.

My impatience to get people answers, whether that is to why a school hall hasn’t yet been built or why social care services in the area are being cut, is not meant to cause offence. It is simply to get results for the area I was born and grew up in.

Politicians are often accused of being bound up in endless bureaucracy and never telling it how it is, so if my plain talking upsets Cllr Glazier then I would be more than happy to meet with him to work together and find the best way forward for the pupils of St Michael’s school - especially now I have received a response from the Department of Education as to how we can make some progress on this important issue, after what has been a considerable period of inaction.

Sarah Owen - Candidate for MP in Hastings and Rye - Labour.