Glengorse parking debate continues

AS A long-time resident of Glengorse, I wish to comment on H Norman’s letter on the subject of commuter parking here (Letters March 18).

To start with, he/she obviously did not read properly the comments of Mr Mears, who in his letter (March 11) made it clear that he did not condone the key scratching of cars.

Having said that, I do agree with H Norman when he/she says that it is legal to park in Glengorse, and, of course, in any other residential road hereabouts.

But why? If cars were little pieces of paper left on the kerb-side, that would be illegal, and the owners fined for dropping litter!

But carelessly parked commuter cars which often damage the grass verges and neat granite-block kerbs, can do so legally.

What I would like to know is, why all such roads cannot have a sign reading ‘Residents only parking before 10am’?

Strangely enough, the one and only road in Battle with such a sign is Norman Close!

To close, and talking of signs, have Observer readers noticed the position of the new no entry sign at the Abbey Green?

It can only be seen by vehicles entering from the Memorial Halls!

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle