Glorious Bexhill

We visited your beach at Bexhill today with some friends. There were not too many people about, Bexhill is the beach to visit.

There were a few clouds,but when the sun came out,it was so warm and sunny.

Egerton Park, is well worth a visit as well.

There use to be an open air swimming pool,in the park. I use to go there with my brothers and also with some friends.

I cannot remember what happened exactly but the pool was closed down. Dad got the contract of filling it in and also doing some work in the museum.

At home, we have a few pictures of us doing the job. We also have some of the old signs,from the pool.

Dad laid some paving bricks near the pool, a lot of them have gone, but there are a few, still in the ground. There were a several left over from when we did the job. If ever you go by Little Beech Oast,in Penhurst, the last property dad converted, you can see the paving bricks in the front drive.

Late August, early September is such a lovely time of the year. Autumn just round the corner -what better place is there to be, they call it East Sussex.

Johnnie Elliott