God to be found in an acronym

I refer to David Colquhoun’s letter 19.10.12

Oh Mr Colquhoun! Whilst your letter was of some interest Mr Colquhoun I feel that you have missed the point of my letter in last week’s edition when I was responding to Cindi Cogswells homophobic and un-Christian rant. It seems that like Cindi Cogswell the previous week, you have something in common as Christians - the ability to pick and choose references in the bible that suit you when you want them to.

Surely you both either believe in the truth of The Bible or not? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth don’t they say? As a gay, happily partnered spiritual and religious man myself I am content with my own Christian actions - giving to my community, helping those in need, practising as much as I can a non-judgemental approach to those whose attitudes and opinions are different to mine. My god shows me the way forward is through Good Orderly Direction, a path we may all choose if we only open our eyes to ‘common sense’ as you remarked in your letter.

Jason Michael, Battery Hill, Fairlight