Good service from Camber officers

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WELL Done to Camber beach officers!

On the Easter weekend, I had the fantastic opportunity to join some family and friends down in Camber, for lunch and a nice walk.

I haven’t visited for years, and my family urged me to leave early to arrive before the crowds, remembering previous visits where we have watched in disbelief at the long queues of traffic and thousands of people flocking to the beach on a hot day.

I arrived in plenty of time, but already at just before 10am there where already long queues forming, and hundreds of people walking around.

As the day went on we decided to go for a walk and a drink in the nearby pub, where we saw a gentleman standing in the entrance to the big car park waving his arms about and getting vehicles off the road into the car park.

On the other side of the road near to the restaurant which used to be called The Place, I think, I saw a young Community Police Officer dealing with illegally parked vehicles.

I chatted to my daughter, and she informed me that this young man was called Dan “I think” and he was a new officer brought down here from elsewhere and he’s doing a marvellous job supporting the residents and local businesses, and the older gentleman at the car park was a coastal officer in charge of the beach and the car parks.

Speaking to other locals on our visit out, it seemed that all this seems to be a massive improvement over past years, and I would like to express my thanks on behalf of myself and family, and other Camber residents, to Sussex Police and the Coastal Control Officers, who I think work for Rother District Council, for what must be a hard and thankless task on busy days, for what seems to be a much better service and more support for the people of Camber and surrounds.

Thank you.

Barry Shaw