Government must stop borrowing

We constantly and boringly hear and read of Mr Cameron, and indeed, the LibDems and opposition saying that they are “reducing the deficit”, “going to reduce the deficit” or any other combinations you choose to select. However, this is a massive deception to the British voters. Mostly ordinary voters are taken in thinking that these words confirm that the politicians are gradually making things better for Britain’s economy. The hidden truth is that Britain’s deficit, the borrowing, is exactly that, ‘borrowed money’!. Britain’s massive problem is not the borrowing but the debt that escalates by about £5,500 every second and which now stands at over £4.4 trillion. In just one breath Britain accumulates almost another £100,000 debt.

It is a gross, unacceptable deception by politicians to keep talking about borrowing money when our debt is already going to be an unacceptable burden to both our current and our future unborn generations.

My vote, in May next year, goes to a Party that not only reduces the deficit to nil but starts to reduce the enormous debt that our descendants will otherwise inherit. Who are you?

Tony Smith

Brown Bread Street, Ashburnham