‘Green con’ driving ‘monstrosities’

The letter from Dominic Manning in which he castigates the Snave Wind farm protesters with their “prissy, out-dated aesthetic protest” indicates his support for the increasingly dubious worth of these expensive and useless monstrosities which have been responsible for adding an extra 10p per KwH to our electricity bills.

He cites as an example of all that has gone wrong with the weather/climate, floods and droughts on the widely reported but probably little noticed

(yawn) increase in the CO2 level in the atmosphere to 400 parts per million, but omits to add that the readings were taken within a stones throw of an active volcano where the readings would not be the same as the Global average. In fact the full report goes on to say that readings are higher in Winter when they were taken and reduce as Summer arrives in the Northern hemisphere when plant life takes CO2 out of the atmosphere.

Mr Manning asks, what may he say to his grandchild in 50 years time and I suggest a good start would be to explain how he and others of like mind in his generation took so long to realise they were being brain-washed and conned by the Green movement and Global Warming theorists more concerned where the next research grant was coming from than publishing meaningful and truthful data.

Finally, in regard to the unsustainable burning of increasingly imported fossil fuels, there is no need, even without fracking which has yet to be explored, because we have the answer to all future energy needs in the shape of Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. The grandchild may even ask why it took so long to recognise these clean sources of Green electricity.

Harry Kennard

Main Street, Peasmarsh