Harbour church is well looked after

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Dear name and address supplied’, please have the courage of your convictions and don’t complain anonymously about our church (Rye Observer, 25/11/11)

As with the previous 42 years, I attended this years’ Mary Stanford Lifeboat Memorial Service.

The church was beautifully decorated with lilies, as previous years, and the air was full of their perfume.

The chair rack that you mentioned was positioned outside, to create standing room at the rear of the church to accommodate some of the congregation that has to stand outside each year.

As you pointed out the toilet is not in use at present, so, I made sure that I took a toilet break before going to church.

If there was any grime that had fallen from the ceiling, I for one certainly did not see it, and of course a lick of paint would not go amiss.

All of this trivia I put to one side, as I along with many locals and family members of the Mary Stanford Crew, had gone to the service as a mark of respect to those who had suffered that terrible fate on a foul November morning in 1928, while trying to help those that they had never met.

I am not alone in Rye Harbour when I say that we have a very nice church and it is well looked after.

Well done to all that look after it for us.

Richard Tollett

Lifeboat Operations Manager

Rye Harbour Lifeboat Station