Has anyone been charged?

I note that a discussion is taking place regarding a cycle lane being incorporated in Alexandra Park.

Noting how inconsiderate cyclists are is this really a wise move.

Throughout the town cyclists seem to consider that they have the right of passage and us mere pedestrians are expected to move out of their way as they weave along the pavements.

Often you are unaware that they are even approaching as they do not seem to have any bells on their bikes, so you are liable to be clipped by their handlebars.

On these occasions I must admit I have been tempted to stick out my elbow, into their ribs and give a slight push, would they appreciate falling into the road maybe into oncoming traffic?

The Highway Code quite rightly tells us that cycling on a pavement is an offence and carries a maximum fine of £500.

Has anyone in the borough been charged with the offence, or are our police to lazy to enforce the law?

Kevin Head

Old Roar Road

St Leonards on Sea