Have they learned absolutely nothing?

I CANNOT be the only Battle resident to be extremely concerned to read on the front page of last week’s Observer that plans are being considered to change the status of The Ridge fire station.

I am sure all of us have nothing but admiration for retained fire fighters who abandon whatever they are doing to answer the call to attend an incident often at great personal risk.

However appealing this proposed change might be to the East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service in terms of saving money the fear was clearly expressed in your paper that this could well be at the cost of fire cover in the rural area.

Three previous attempts to alter the status of Battle fire station failed when it was finally acknowledged by the Fire Service’s strategic thinkers that the geography and road infrastructure in the area made it necessary to have more permanent cover.

Just because a plan looks good on paper does not mean that it will work in reality.

I sincerely hope that common sense prevails and that this proposal is not implemented.

Kathryn M Field

County Councillor for Battle and Crowhurst Division

District Councillor for Battle Town Ward