Hawkhurst isn’t in Rother

Councillor Souster wrote last week that I can’t have been listening when the planning application for the proposed cinema in Lion St was determined at Rother District Council a couple of weeks ago. I was quoted in the Rye Observer as having said that Cllr Souster spoke against the the application. Last week, Cllr Souster wrote to the paper stating that he had said he was in favour of the cinema concept.

I did hear him say this at Rother. And I listened, with mounting incredulity, to his 10-minute speech that followed. He was so much in favour of the Rye cinema concept, he exhorted all his fellow councillors on the planning committee to vote against it, saying that they should do so for the citizens of Hawkhurst. He said that if a cinema [anywhere] in Rye was granted planning permission and if it was then built and if it was successful it might affect business at Hawkhurst Kino which might result in its closure meaning a loss of amenity for the good citizens of Hawkhurst. Quite apart from this convoluted series of conjectures not being a planning issue, Hawkhurst isn’t in Rother! And while Mr Souster is a double councillor he isn’t an elected representative of Hawkhurst. But he does represent Rye. And he says he supports the cinema concept!

Anyway, having finished a long and somewhat odd speech and when it came to the formal vote, Councillor Souster was so supportive of the cinema concept in Rye, he found he had to vote against it!

One has to wonder what he would have said and done had he been against the cinema concept.

Andy Stuart

Lion Street, Rye