Hazardous parking on the North Trade Road

The mayhem now being caused at peak time on North Trade Road is unbelievable. It is grid locked, no one can move either way due to the ‘inconsiderate parking’, as the chief police officer of East Issue, Kay Bourne, puts it.

There is no respect for residents living along the North Trade Road.

It causes a major traffic jam, causing tailbacks right back to the High Street and as far as Claverham School.

For a while after the partial lines were put in everything was working reasonably fine. Until one day someone decided to park near the police station and everyone else followed.

The parking is even opposite the calming measure already put in near Saxwood Road.

Vehicles are having to mount the pavement to get past cars and are putting pedestrians at risk. We need double yellow lines both sides of the road down to the Recreation Ground.

Highways, police, and local council just pass the buck about who is responsible for the situation.

If something isn’t done soon someone is going to be badly hurt - or worse.

Mrs Y Clarke and Mr T Beale

Wellington Gardens, Battle.