He who lives by the sword....

While ISIS and other extremist movements across the Middle East are enslaving, beheading and uprooting Christian adults and children, as well as killing fellow Muslims a dispute has suddenly broken out in London.

It concerns the two Britons fighting for Isis in Syria who were killed by RAF air strikes last month.

Certainly, the conduct of these Britons confirms the adage: “He who lives by the sword must die by the sword.”

Moreover these Britons were not outsiders in that part of the world as many of these masked terrorists of ISIS are British and their speech gives them away.

Once out of Britain they should not be allowed back in.

Yet even on this matter there are discrepancies and David Cameron has recently come under criticism by cowardly members of government on trumped up charges over the legalities of the airstrike by the RAF.

Amnesty International’s Kate Allen has joined in the attack by condemning the killing of these brutal terrorists and saying the RAF has crossed a line!

It would be interesting to hear these same people condemn ISIS for its violence to innocent victims.

The fact remains that either these critics are living in a bubble or lacking in moral principles; whichever it is they need to provide a full explanation of their objectives in this matter.