Head to woods to capture glorious autumn colours

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AS a volunteer for the Woodland Trust, autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, when we see some of the most breathtaking displays nature has to offer.

Would you be able to help us to document the changes? You could be part of the world’s leading study, which looks into how seasonal events are affected by changes in our climate, known as ‘Nature’s Calendar’.

Why not get out this weekend to one of your local woods, and try and spot the signs of autumn? We would like to see how year on year variations in climate affect our autumn.

You can find out where your nearest autumn colour might be, and how to download your own natures calendar, by visiting the Woodland Trust’s autumn colour section VisitWoods.org.uk/autumn.

Maybe start by visiting Brede High Woods? You’ll find it near Sedlescombe, in the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This is a truly special place, and merits several visits as the season progresses.

Because the great variety of trees in the woods, the views from the higher tracks will soon be filled with a splendid carpet of burning golds, crimson, purples and browns.

As you walk across the heath land, which is rich with purple heather, keep an eye out for the young hobbys darting back and forth after the dragonfly that are abundant in the area. It is also a haven for fungi, so make sure you also keep your eyes to the ground. You might see the bright red caps of fly agarics, another autumnal classic and if you keep your ears open you may also hear the sounds of the fallow dear bucks in rut coming from deep within the woods.

Wherever you decide to go for your first sights of our glorious autumn colours, happy hunting and don’t forget to report back to us with what you have found.


Woodland Trust Volunteer, Hove.