Help bring superfast broadband to Rother

I SUSPECT that your correspondent, Gary Mewis (‘Superfast Broadband Sham’) has got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

It is precisely because BT (and the other big superfast broadband [SfB] suppliers) can make a profit only in large towns and cities that East Sussex County Council (ESCC) is working to set up SfB for areas that have not benefited from the big SfB supplier’s investment plans to upgrade the internet infrastructure.

The government has allocated, potentially, over £10m to East Sussex for the provision of SfB in those areas to be matched with £15m from ESCC’s capital funding.

To be able to draw on the government allocation we need to convince them that there is interest in rural East Sussex for SfB.

There is a website with a very short questionnaire you can fill in to show interest.

It commits you to nothing, and does not require your identity.

The address is a monster but you can find an automatic link to it at

Then click on ‘23/02/12 BROADBAND SUPPORT’ (about the sixth item in ‘News’).

The link to the questionnaire is near the end of the text that introduces it.

By helping yourself you can help us all.

R S Clymo