Hen’s teeth, gypsies and travellers

I am sorry to keep on about the why’s and wherefores of gypsy/travellers, but getting information about those who arrive in this area and plonk themselves down (sometimes on private land), and then expect to be accommodated and provided with benefits, medical services and educational facilities etc, without themselves contributing in any way is like trying to draw hen’s teeth.

In his latest letter to me on this subject, Cllr Carl Maynard (the leader of RDC) suggested that for answers to these questions I should contact the Gypsy Council. But this would be rather like asking illegal immigrants if they should be allowed to stay here, or or asking squatters if they should be allowed to continue occupying someone else’s property.

I appreciate that this is a delicate subject, but I also know that a number of Observer readers would like informed answers.

John Hill

Glengorse, Battle